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Below are a few quotes from students who have gone on the Teaching In Tanzania service experience!  Trips are 2 weeks long.  For more information on how to get involved please use the CONTACT tab and send me a message!

We went to the Maasai Joy Children’s Centre to teach the students, and to offer new fun 270ways of teaching to not only the kids, but the teachers too.  As it turned out, these kids taught me so much more than I could ever teach them.  They taught me to appreciate the things that I have, and to be honored to be able to attend school because some kids are not so lucky.  They also taught me that it is the simplest things that can bring the brightest of smiles.  Ally Tabaczynski


Walking away from this trip, it has opened my eyes to a different culture. Working with NICOLE (2)the students, seeing the way that they live, and experiences their culture has provided me with a more open mind and has taught me to be thankful for what I have. Words cannot fully describe this trip or the amount this experience has impacted me as a person.  Nicole Parseghian



Whenever I think back to my time at Maasai Joy I can’t help but smile. I left a part of my Ameliaheart with every child I grew close with there and the wonderful teachers that are trying to make a difference in education for those children.The course of my life has forever been altered after reaching outside of my comfort zone like that and realizing how great of an impact just a few people can have on one another.  Amelia Clermont


Working with these students as well as the teachers and members of the community was CHARLIE (2)a very powerful experience for me. From the moment we got there until the second we left, everyone that we came in contact with was extremely welcoming and nice to all of the visitors. When people think if Africa they typically think poor, violent people which could not be further from what we saw. I was honored that the people welcomed strangers into their community with open arms and did whatever they could to help us during our stay. The excitement on everyone’s face and hearing “JAMBO” from everyone who walked by never got old. The energy and enthusiasm of the students was contagious and just made every interaction one that you will remember for a lifetime. I did not know that it was possible to form such close relationships with so many people that were complete strangers that live on the opposite side of the world just a few days before. As someone that is usually very good with goodbyes, it was very hard for me to say goodbye to these kids. Charles Starkey


I cannot express to my family, supporters, and friends enough that the pictures from my Ingridtrip in no way shape or form do you justice.  From the students’ thirst to learn, the bond that grew between myself and my students throughout just five days at the school, and finally the way myself and my team were so welcomed into a culture that has so little was truly something I am so thankful to have experienced.  As one of my second grade students cried throughout the entire farewell ceremony, it sunk in that even though we were only with them for five days, the impact we had on them meant a great deal to these students no matter how small.  I thought since the children were young they maybe would not understand or feel so deeply, but I learned it was just a part of their culture; to love so deeply.  The hugs from all the running children in all directions, from those you knew the names of, and those you were just recognizing for the first time was amazing.  It did not matter what you were wearing or what time of day it was they would love you unconditionally.  Ingrid Freeman


Teaching at Maasai Joy Children’s Centre opens your eyes to how important bringing Andyenthusiasm and energy is to a classroom.  If you want to enhance an impact on students you must be willing to push yourself out of your comfort level.  Teaching at Maasai Joy Children’s Centre allows you to find the true meaning of education and the confidence to express your teaching style.  Andy Hess


Having the opportunity to teach at Maasai Joy Children’s Centre has allowed me to grow as a teacher.  It gave me the chance to work with students from a completely different Timculture then the one I am accustomed to and as a result I had to learn to adapt my teaching style to best address the student’s needs.  Immersing myself in this school system opened my eyes to a whole new style of education and learning, allowing me to take this experience back with me to apply into my own teaching and education career.       Tim Burns 


The most important part of this trip to me was the children.  The children were so excited to see us and welcomed us with song – immediately pulling on the heartstrings. RaneyWe could see the excitement come over their faces, and this moment I did not know just the impact these sweet faces would have on my life. I learned so much about myself as a teacher. Africa taught me that genuine people still exist, the career path I’m taking is still worth the hard work despite all the negativity that surrounds it, Americans should be more appreciative of what we have, materialistic things don’t matter as much, children all over need love and have so much love to give in return, a simple smile, hug, or high five can go a long way (for both people), and in ten short days kids you’ve never met before can change your life forever. All in all, I needed Africa more than Africa needed me.  Raney Stogner


In this one week these children changed me in more ways than I ever thought possible Amberand gave me more than I could ever give them in a lifetime. I am beyond grateful to have been able to interact with these children and observe their culture first hand. The opportunity to be able to visit this beautiful country and learn so many valuable lessons is something I will hold close to my heart for the rest of my life. Even though my time there was short it was filled with so much joy and happiness because of these children.                                    Amber Abderrazzaq



I can honestly say this was the experience of a lifetime and I’m having trouble finding IMG_1583 the right words to express how amazing and eye opening this trip was.  By the end of the week I had formed bonds with the kids and teachers that I wasn’t expecting. It was an amazing feeling to know that in just a week we had impacted so many lives.   I’m so grateful I got to experience teaching amazing students who will always have my heart.  This trip was an amazing opportunity to get field experience in my major and I learned so much. It definitely showed me I’m exactly where I want to be.  Ana Fernandez


I have reflected on these past two weeks more times than I can count, with both friends Kiera and family, and here I am with no words truly good enough to describe the time I spent in Tanzania.  One of the most striking things for me was realizing how much the children value their education. Traveling to a country like Tanzania and seeing the way these children live and carry themselves throughout their days absolutely changed me for the better. This trip taught me so many lessons about life and appreciation. Tanzania has forever changed me for the better, and the children at Maasai Joy have forever changed me for the better.  Kiera Powers

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